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Love Knows No Boundaries | Cho and Eme Prewedding

Some people say that love knows no boundaries. When two people coming from different directions cross paths, sometimes, friendship blossoms, and sometimes love grows. Meet our featured couple for today, Cho and Eme, who despite having differences, were brought together by fate.

Their story began about eight years ago. Eme was working in the oil & gas company, while Cho was into automobile. Their paths may not seem to be crossing yet, until they were introduced by a common friend. With both of them coming from unsuccessful relationships, their friendship started while healing their hearts. Although they personally didn’t meet yet, their constant communication built a friendship that they didn’t expect. They both learned more about each other as they talked about their different beliefs, lifestyle and background. Both of them are simple, Cho is a kind, soft-spoken and reserved guy while Eme was out-going, yet sympathetic and affectionate. When they finally met, they talked about their past and found out that they have a common place they both frequent when they were young. Cho was in his High School then, while Eme was in Grade School when they often hang-out at the same time in the same place. But perhaps it was fate playing a game, as they never met nor saw each other. Their friendship continually became stronger, until they felt how important they were to one another. A time came when they had to distance themselves from each other without realizing then, that they were already falling in love. When they reconnected their friendship, it took them two years of courtship before they become a couple. On their first year, Cho proposed to Eme, and she gladly said “Yes”. But three years passed by quickly and because of their differences, they decided to part ways. As love is sweeter the second time around, they got back together and got engaged again. But this time, it was for keeps. Eme describes his proposal to be “with flying colors”. And this also meant literally. Cho proposed to Eme, while they were flying above the sea, at the peak of their parasailing ride. Some people just say it, but Cho and Eme knew that their love knows no boundaries.

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